Friday, June 1, 2012

Things my son teaches me about himself

My son taught me something about himself this morning.

He knows how to walk.  He chooses not to.

This was demonstrated to me after he crawled to me carrying his bib (he has a strange obsession with wanting to wear his bibs all of the time now), standing up to take his bib and then walking half way across the kitchen before stooping down to crawl again.  His walk was perfect—not the hastened run that most first time walkers do where they rush ahead and barely manage to keep their feet under themselves.

His walk was poised, purposeful, balanced, deliberate and controlled.  His walk was experienced.

Chris and I were eating cereal at the table when this happened and Chris just about dropped his bowl in astonishment.  I remarked to Chris, “He did the same thing with his crawling—he knew how to crawl, but insisted on scooting.  He knew how to do it, but chose not to.”  Back then, I was honestly beginning to believe he’d never crawl but go straight to walking, like his older half sister did.

I glanced over at Chris, “I hope he doesn’t do that with his academics.” (knowing how to, but then not applying himself) And then I smiled, realizing, “That reminds me of someone else’s academic career…” and I eyed Chris with playful accusation.

Chris muttered under his breath, jokingly, “F--- you.”  To rub it in harder, I gave Chris another knowing look after a few moments of quiet.  We laughed.

At least if he does, I told Chris, because you’ve been there and done that, you can help me steer our son towards doing well anyways.  This is something I’ll need to keep in mind for the future—in how our little boy decides he wants to be.

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