Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Skyrim, Drop In And Play, Aquanatal, and Baby Prep

Yes, I know I've been quiet here.  I took some time off to play Skyrim a bit.  I used to game a lot and now just do small quick spurts when it strikes me and I'll likely have less and less time to game at all in the upcoming months.

I've also been keeping busy with a few additions to our weekly routine.  Thursdays with Arthur at Drop in and Play has been enjoyable and helpful for both of us.  I'm so proud that he's the only toddler who pitches in at clean up time, though he won't take the fruit snack that they provide.  And I caught him singing, "The Wheels on the Bus" on his own this past week, which is usually the first song we sing after snacks.

Then later on Thursdays, I also go to Aquanatal, which is kind of like gentle water aerobics for pregnant moms.  I think this first round of Aquanatal has shifted things in my gut a bit.  I'm suddenly not able to eat as much at meals.  My pregnancy is much more pronounced, and I can feel Victoria's movements much higher, as high as two inches above my navel.  But I enjoy the class and a couple of the moms there are familiar to me, so I'm looking forward to making some friends.

We've also been doing some baby prep.  English mums have what's called 'V-day', meaning 'Viable Day' ... 24 weeks gestation when parents can expect that their babies will survive early labor with a strong likelihood of a normal outcome.  My v-day is this Thursday.  Therefore, its the time to be sure to have car seats bought, bassinet set up, newborn clothes ready to go, and the hospital bag packed.  We're about £60 short of having all of the basic essentials ready.  Infant bath and baby swing still needs to be unboxed, but her moses basket is ready.  She has loads of clothes to start out in.  I need to pick up a few travel sized toiletries and then I'm set.

I also managed to get my husband on board with being a more active birth partner this time around.  When I went to deliver Arthur, I took for granted that my husband knew everything he needed to know about how to support me.  He didn't know, and I think that contributed to my c-section.  He didn't feel empowered, especially what with being a foreigner in the US, to counter what the doctor told us.  Now that he's learned so much about how things outside of the US goes, he believes the doctor outright lied to us.  He's very adamant and committed towards seeing me through Victoria's delivery safely while honoring my wishes.

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