Monday, May 14, 2012

Baltic Amber – It’s Not Just for Teething

I’ve spent several years working for the health foods industry.  It was my first ‘real’ job (that wasn’t babysitting), first as a cashier for a health food store in Houston called Ye Seekers… which developed into assistant manager, then cosmetics, bakery/coffee shop, and waitress.  I was the Jill of all Trades there for a bit.  Then in the past decade working as the internet manager of a small health food store in Chorley, England that had a website called  I worked there for about a year.

So, I’ve always had an interest in trying new things, alternative therapies, vitamins, etc., but I’ve also kept a wary eye for snake oil.  I still distrust Acai Berry and Chondroitin/Glucosamine supplements.  Magnetic bracelets?  Really?  So I was skeptical when I considered Baltic Amber teething necklaces as a solution for my son.

I went ahead and gave it a try.  A few mothers I knew swore up and down that they worked.  I figured, at worse, we’ll have some pretty jewelry.

Please note: there’s currently restrictions on the trade of Baltic Amber Jewelry for children in the UK and EU.  This doesn’t affect the US.  Visit this site for more details.

I purchased a teething anklet for my son and picked up a matching necklace for myself.  While I haven’t been very good about keeping the anklet on my son so much, I can vouch for what my Baltic Amber necklace has done for me.

I began suffering from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome when I became pregnant again.  Likely, I already had it but that it was simply exasperated by my pregnancy.  I had debilitating numbness and nearly painful pins and needles.  It was becoming increasingly and alarmingly more difficult to do tasks that required fine motor skills in my hand like writing, turning a key in the door, or opening bottles.  Sometimes it seemed like my hand stopped working all together.

I tried the necklace and noticed some improvement over the next few days.  The incidence of pins and needles reduced.  The points when it seemed like my hand would stop working ended.  Any numbness I have is now only in my ring and pinky fingers and there are many days when I go without numbness, completely forgetting that I have Carpel Tunnel.  And I notice it on days when I forget to put my necklace back on after showering.

So, if it helps me this much with my Carpel Tunnel, I’m convinced it helps babies and toddlers through those teething years.

When choosing Baltic Amber, select lighter cloudier more ‘raw’ stones—these have a higher concentration of succinic acid, which is the compound thought to be responsible for the analgesic effect of this jewelry.

My favorite US retailers are Inspired by Finn and Hazelaid.

And my favorite UK retailer is Dino-Daisy.

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