Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday's my slow day...

Heh... I realized this morning that Thursday is my 'slow day'... yanno, the day that I cycle to work, work for a few hours, cycle home and then go do volunteer youth work in the evening?  Yah, my slow day!  Nah, this week wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Victoria's been leaping.  She's started counting and her word count is increasing.  She's also demonstrating and expressing more empathy.  But the trade off has been that she's been hard to get to sleep.  Its been taking as much as two hours in the evening to wind her down enough to help her find sleep.  She also seemed to be coming down with a chest infection, but its cleared up as suddenly as it appeared.  Its a good thing, I was dreading caring for a sick baby yesterday.  But yesterday actually ended up being pretty productive what with getting a good chunk of my to-do list knocked out.

I'll be meeting with a couple of folks from the Youth Zone about a paid opportunity.  I'm pretty chuffed that they like me enough to actually pay me for my time, but I also need to be sure its within the scope of what I have time to do.  I mean, I didn't go volunteer there to get a job... I went to volunteer to gain experience with working with kids of that age group so that I'm ready for teaching them once I've started and I'm out of school.  I also need references for school in that arena, which will help with placement.  So I want to be absolutely sure its within the scope of what I can make time to do so that I'm not setting myself up for failure, as in burn out or bad references, downstream.  But it'll be on Sundays and it'll be working with the juniors ... 8-12s... which I have a pretty easy time with.

Anyhow, my fifteen minutes to blog isn't up yet, but its getting light out so I gotta get my cycling gear on and get on with my day.

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