Sunday, January 5, 2014

Things getting back to normal

Christmas and New Years holidays are done!  Now everyone gets back on their routines.  I've been looking forward to it as I'm a big fan of structure and routine that I can never seem to fully latch into since my kids are so random.

We purchased a new-to-us couch this past weekend.  It came with a matching 'Daddy Chair'.  The kids think its their new bouncy castle and have been pretty challenging.  I never thought I'd be grounding the kids from the couch.

Its a nice set destined for the formal living room of the new house.  Meanwhile, our old Ikea couch has been flat-packed once again and stored precariously in Arthur's bedroom.  That couch is destined for the kids' play room and so its a good thing its been taken all apart since it'll be going up two floors.

I was looking over progress for the new house over the past year yesterday, just to remind myself that there has been progress and hopefully over the up-coming weeks it'll accelerate.  Chris says that the breaking down stage is just about finished and that we'll begin the building back in stage soon.  That means I gotta get cracking again with vision stuff, nail down exactly what I want and how I want it, etc.

Feeling a bit uninspired for writing and feeling more the need to get doing.  Especially since my son's asking for cereal 9999999999999 times.  Now.

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